“The benefit is not just acceleration. This device does more. You’re waking up the wine but you’re also intensifying the desirable flavors and the way how the winemaker meant it to be.”

- Jörn Kleinhans, Certified Sommelier and Wine Judge  


“WAKE UP WINE has solved the problem of decanting wine and then, waiting…Our single vineyard Zinfandels are big, bold wines that require significant bottling aging. When our tasting room staff has to open a new bottle of, say, a 2012 Rockpile Road Zinfandel we have no choice but to pour a glass for the guest, knowing the wine really needs 1-2 hours to open up and show all if its flavors. With WAKE UP WINE, the decanting process is not only enhanced and expedited, but in tasting room trials comparing WAKE UP WINE with traditional decanting methods, WAKE UP WINE showed superior results offering an enriched mouthfeel and heightened taste of the wines. This innovative product is a must for any wine lover who understands and appreciates the benefits to proper decanting. I highly recommend WAKE UP WINE–the results are in the glass!”

- Michael Franzia, Bronco Wine Company 


"This is an exciting innovation in the wine/spirit enhancement arena. [This is what] we as wine and spirit enthusiasts will be using to enhance our adult beverage experiences for years to come.”

Stu Nudelman,"The Wine Guru"and Wine Editor, Simply The Best Magazine 


"I've met many people that wonder why their just-opened wines don't have much flavor. Many of these wines need to be decanted and aerated to reveal the aromatics and complexity, which can take hours. Wake Up Wine is the answer to the time constraint placed on old-fashioned decanting. It literally does the same job in a matter of minutes."

- Hillary Zio, Certified Sommelier, Wine Educator and Author


“I was blown away by the remarkable improvement in the taste of a few different types of wine when using the WAKE UP WINE device. On two occasions we tried a tasting before using the WAKE UPWINE and afterwards. The taste after using the WAKE UP WINE was significantly smoother and pleasing on every occasion. I liked using the WAKE UP WINE because of its simplicity. Simply select the amount of time to decant, hit the button and wait for 10 minutes or so for delicious wine. It made a young $40  bottle of wine taste like an aged bottle that easily cost twice as much. As a casual wine drinker, I see a  lot of value in the WAKE UP WINE. I can continue to buy the wine in my price range while enjoying a taste that's far superior to what I've experienced in the past.”

David Stein, California